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The Birmingham Library Bookshop is located in the Birmingham and Midland Institute. The Library receives many donations of books and we are very grateful for them. Some of them, however, are duplicates of books we already have, or do not quite fit into the collection. These are put into the Library Bookshop, and the proceeds from the sales come back into the Library to further the work we do here, extending the collection or restoring and protecting the books we have in our care.

We are the most centrally located second hand bookshop in the city, and have many books of interest to bibliophiles, collectors and local historians. Due to the nature of the books donated, we have many books on Dickens, local history books, plays, biographies and books of a religious nature. We change the stock as often as we can, and the stock is oft-changing with the generous donations of our members and interested members.

Books are generally priced at £2 for softbacks and £5 for hardbacks. If we have had a look online and found that they are worth much more than that, the average asking price is written in the front of the book.

Come along and grab a bargain, or a treat!

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