The Board of Governors has set-up the following sub-committees to engage in activities to achieve their objectives. Any member of the Institute may apply to be a member of a committee.  All committees are restricted to eight members. They are:

Audience Engagement

The objective of the Audience Engagement Committee is to diversify and expand the breadth and depth of audiences that engage with the Institute by focusing on the remit of the 1854 Act of Parliament to offer the ‘Diffusion and Advancement of Science, Literature and Art amongst all Classes of Persons resident in Birmingham and Midland Counties’.

Members of the committee are Serena Trowbridge (Chair), Samina Ansari, Cllr Mary Locke, Alex Pritchard-Jones, Alex Round, Ellen McAdam, George Davies and Cllr Peter Fowler.

There are no vacancies.


The objective of the Governance Committee is to devise a new Articles of Association to replace the Birmingham & Midland Act 1854 and pursue all means to facilitate this; and to devise policies for the good governance of the institute and to review each policy annually to ensure they remain relevant to the workings of the institute.  Good governance is the bedrock of a healthy organisation that is always transparent and open.

Members of the committee are Stephen Hartland (Chairman), Samina Ansari, Paul Borrow-Longain, Jonathan Davidson, James Fletcher, Peter Miles and Alex Pritchard-Jones.

There is one vacancy.


To develop and foster a love of reading; to develop and enhance independent learning skills; to increase the number of books in the Library; to increase usage of the Library by members of the Institute and by independent researchers; to safeguard precious books within the Library collection; and to promote the Library.

Members of the committee are Samina Ansari (Chair), John Blewitt, Mark Eccleston, Alex Round,  George Davies and Serena Trowbridge.

There are two vacancies.

Marketing & Media

The objective of the Marketing and Media Committee is to devise strategies to enhance the marketability of the Institute and ensure that coverage of events is maximised. The Marketing and Media Committee will also focus on strategies which will improve the profile of the institute and result in increased membership and usage by commercial entities in the city. They should be read in conjunction with the Communication Strategy & Policy (April 2020).

Members of the committee are Mark Blake (Chair), Stacey Barnfield, George Davies, Maggie Jephcott and Paul Borrow-Longain.

There are three vacancies.

Roadmap Steering

The objective of the Roadmap Committee is to formulate a future-proof strategy of how the institute may be refurbished and how this would be funded, examining all aspects of current operations and make recommendations for future use and operations

Members of the committee are Stephen Hartland (Chairman), John Blewitt, Mark Blake, Paul Borrow-Longain, Jonathan Davidson, James Fletcher, Cllr Mary Locke and Matthew Vaughan.

There are no vacancies.

If you are a member and would be interested in joining one of these sub-committees, please contact the Honorary Secretary.

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