Applications open for the BMI’s gallery space

The BMI’s aims include the provision and exhibition of public art. It has a new gallery space on the ground floor, consisting of three rooms with white walls. 


Over the next months, the BMI welcomes proposals from artists who want to exhibit their works in this space for a month, although shorter periods will be considered. Our programme is full for the months up to and including November, so artists wanting to submit should consider that the space will be available in December and onwards.


To apply, please submit a proposal to  daniel@bmi.org.uk that includes the following information:

  • your name and contact email
  • brief details of the proposed exhibition, including
    • the medium;
    • dimensions;
  • an artist’s statement;
  • 5 images which represent your work;
  • details of previous exhibitions, if any;
  • details of how you would promote the exhibition to ensure wide audience attendance.


The BMI is on Margaret Street, in the centre of the city. We cannot provide any funding to the artists, but would provide successful proposals with the opportunity to exhibit in this fantastic location. We are looking for commercial partners to provide some funding for exhibitions but this is in early stages and by no means guaranteed.

If artists would like to view the space they are welcome to attend the exhibition during opening hours.


[image courtesy of Nigel Dodds – Instagram nigeldodds7952 ]

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